The Government of Kenya transformative agenda popularly known as the Big Four agenda is an initiative that focuses on four areas of concern; Food security, Manufacturing sector, health care and affordable housing.

Under the housing pillar,the Government of Kenya has a target to :


  • Deliver 500,000 affordable homes across the 47 counties
  • Reduce the cost of home ownership  by 50%,
  • Create the cost of construction by 30%,
  • Increase the construction sector contribution to GDP by 100% and
  • Reduce the low income housing gap by 60%.

To benefit from the affordable housing,Kenyans are required to register as owners through an online portal,  ,also Pay monthly contributions.Registered members will then be provided an e-wallet account into which contributions will be deposited.

The low and middle income earners are the main beneficiaries of this project. The low cost segment will involve individuals with a monthly income of Sh15, 000 to Sh50, 000, while the mortgage gap will be available for those with an income of between Sh50, 000 to Sh100, 000. The houses will be constructed on both the county and national governments land.

1. One-bedroom houses will cost Sh600, 000. The buyer is expected to pay Sh2, 500 per month for 25 years.
2. Two-bedroom house will cost Sh1 million. The buyer is expected to pay Sh4, 500 per month for 25 years
3. Three-bedroom house will go for Sh1.4 million, for Sh6, 500 per month for 25 years.

Kenyan citizens are required to register in the online portal. In the online portal, one will be asked to indicate the preferred location of the houses and give more information on the type of home they qualify based on their income.
The prequalification criteria to be used to award the houses will be;
User’s biodata ,income, family size, choice of preferred location of home, current assets owned and the Accumulated deposit.

The system is designed to ensure every deserving applicant is allocated a house. However, it is expected that initially there will be significantly more demand than supply of affordable houses. In the event that an applicant is not allocated a house in the initial round of allocation, their names will remain on the waiting list.

The first project is underway at Park Road. The project is expected to have 1500 units costing from Ksh. 600,000 to 1,400,000.
For you to register, you must be a Kenyan citizen, over 18 years of age and with a valid National ID.


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